Why do you need SEO?

1 Oct
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why you need SEO chicago and beyond

Here you have a new infographic, you may need to click it to see it full size, that shows you, in easy to understand terms and images, why you need SEO. It does not matter if you are in Chicago or not, your website can be seen by anyone with an internet connection, ANYWHERE around the world. If you did not know i work as an internet consultant and SEO Specialist. I am an award winning SEO = search engine optimization, specialist. If you are still not sure about SEO, what it is and why you need it is the reason for this post on this JOEMLM blog.

This infographic provided by go-globe.com

Am I the same JOEMLM?

11 Sep

Just to clarify, i am asked all the time, if i am the same JOEMLM who worked at the World Trade Center… YES i am the same JOEMLM who was an award winning financial planner who actually worked on Wall Street at the World Trade Center Tower #1. I left my job after the 1993 World Trade Center bombing that occurred on February 26, 1993

World Trade Center 1993 Bombing damage

I left my job because of this!

At the same time i was involved in charity work due to my large income. Also, at the same time, i started my involvement in MLM = Multi Level Marketing, also known as Network Marketing. One of my clients convinced me to give MLM a try, his large income from making money at home was the big draw. Long story short, i started to become a top earner, team builder and trainer in the Network Marketing industry, hosting training events and teaching other people how to copy my success.

Being involved with various charities for such a long time, contributing large sums of money, i was approached by one, after a fundraiser and asked if i would like to be a fundraising consultant. It was a paid position, and, as i was paid on wall street, i earned a commission based on performance. I became the top fundraiser in about a week. Word spread, in no time i was approached by other charities big and small for my ‘assistance.’
Closely working with charities big and small, some national known, i soon discovered all was not as it appeared. I discovered first hand how charities really work, from the inside! Many charities, even the national and international ones, are SCAMS! Some raise millions of dollars and little to NO money goes toward what the charity is raising the money for. Just as me for more details, because i can go on forever about the subject. Just do an internet search for ‘Red Cross Fraud’ or visit www.petakillsanimals.com.

I left all charity work behind, and i left Network Marketing behind, when i noticed the trend of each MLM company closing its doors after a year or two in business, and not for reasons you might think. Not only that, the same people started company after company, somebody would start an MLM company, make millions of dollars and watch the company grow. As soon as they saw the growth rate start to decline they would either try to sell the company, or just start cutting the pay plan in such a way the company would close its doors in a matter of months. While at the same time the owners would be unavailable on some remote tropical island for months on end. After the high life, their money supply begins to shrink, so they return to civilization and launch a new get rich scheme, work at home opportunity, or something of that nature.

During my time with various charities i studied SEO and SEM = Search Engine Marketing. Traveling the world, going to any SEO / SEM event or training i could find. I quickly excelled and today SEO is all i do, plus i have several websites that are each earning full-time incomes on there own. This blog is one of many. I am not a blogger even though i have dozens of blogs, this was my investing blog, i have removed a bunch of posts and promise to add new ones from time to time. I am still actively involved in the Investing community and several Investment related websites, associations, forums and groups.
I have so many hobbies and interests i do not link them all because it would take too much time and be confusing to some people.

So yes, i am the same JOEMLM!

Forex Strategy used by CEO of Rich Dad Asia REVEALED

21 Jul

Forex Strategy used by CEO of Rich Dad Asia REVEALED

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Update on Mr. Kishore M’s InstantFxProfits Online Course

14 Jul

Greetings blog readers

Did you receive my previous email? And are you a regular blog reader?

In case you have missed my update on Mr. Kishore M’s
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Forex NOW I get it!

30 Jun

Forex Secrets

After watching this very powerful video, I couldn’t wait to share with you
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Mr. Kishore M, an international investment coach & sage of trading
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After I watched the video, I know that he really knows his trading
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3 More Profits Strategy Videos for You

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To watch Mr. Kishore M video & get the 3 additional videos, here is
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Hello world!

17 Sep

To blog  or not to blog, that is the question.

Some people might be saying ‘oh no, not another blog!’,  i say, what the hell, why not?  With over 100,000,000 blogs, thats 100 million, for people who do not dream big and cannot count that high. I am throwing my hat into the ring, and letting people into my life, people keep asking about me and so forth… This medium allows me to keep people informed and up to date about what is going on, now if i only remember to keep it updated, lol. I will post and delete as i see fit, also you are free to comment, ask questions and share what you know about the subjects at hand.

I will try to remove the older posts that are no longer relevant and do whatever else i please. It is my blog after all, so enjoy. I will try to interact if i am able. But if you really want to get to know me, i am much more than the sum of my parts. The JOEMLM Blog is only one page, i.e. a very small part,  in my life so please remember that.

For those of you who i know will ask, yes i am the same JOEMLM who is a member of hundreds of websites and i am active on many. Therefore i will not repeat too much of that information here, otherwise i would not have any free time during the day. Please stay tuned to this channel and others if you wish to learn more. Also, i wish to stress, just to be fair i will only answer questions here about posts that are made here.


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